Book review: The Pursuit of Motherhood by Jessica Hepburn

by dee armstrong

In The Pursuit of Motherhood, Jessica Hepburn has written a really important book about infertility and modern fertility treatment in the UK.  It's her compelling story of the heartache of being unable to get pregnant with the devastating 'non-diagnosis' of unexplained infertility and what it's like to undergo multiple rounds of IVF.  Not for the fainthearted, it's brutally honest at times and the effects on her physical and mental health, her relationship and her bank balance are all laid bare.  Having said all that it's an amazingly easy book to read which is testament to how well it's written  - it's a real page turner and I found myself staying awake till the wee small hours to finish it in just over 24 hours.  It will be fascinating for anyone who has struggled with infertility themselves and indeed should be compulsory reading for all fertility clinicians. I thoroughly recommend it.