A right royal knicker fuss

by dee armstrong

Yep. I've jumped on the bandwagon and am shamelessly using a right-royal-knicker-fuss to teach a good fertility lesson.  Kate Middleton, along with millions of you, clearly likes to rule out the possibility of a VPL by wearing the skimpiest of - I hesitate to even call them knickers -underwear. Which is all well and good, but ...you knew there was a but coming (no pun intended). Women are often really surprised when I tell them that thongs are not really the best for their fertility.  As well as making it harder for you to get rid of urinary and vaginal infections, they can transmit bugs and bacteria from your backside to your nethers which can disrupt the delicate balance in the vaginal area and have a detrimental effect on your cervical fluid. Which as we know is essential for conception. Here's a good Huffington post article about it. So what I tell my clients is go for granny knickers or no knickers!  And Kate should get her Bridget Jones's out if she wants a spare after her heir.