Time for some Vitamin Dee!

by dee armstrong

The summer will soon be drawing to a close and that means the number of Vitamin D boosting sunshine hours will be reducing over the autumn and winter.  Vitamin D deficiency is a big issue in Scotland  - one study estimates that almost 50% of the UK's under 40's are deficient - the incidence was double that in Scotland participants.   It's becoming increasingly more apparent that Vitamin D is hugely important for fertility, as well as a host of other health issues.  It helps balance your reproductive hormones, and is thought to improve egg quality and aid implantation of the embryo. It's so important that a recently published study found that women who were deficient in Vitamin D were half as likely to conceive after IVF than those whose levels were normal.  At the Natural Fertility Centre we recommend the  Better You D-Lux 3000 spray, which is good quality vitamin D3, in an easy to absorb format - a quick scoosh of its fresh mintiness under the tongue is easy to incorporate into your morning routine.  I leave ours by the toothbrushes to remind us.  I will leave you with the fabulous Christiane Northrup. For those of you who don't know her, she's an American OB-GYN as they call 'em, and has been a fantastic advocate for women's health for years.  In this snippet of her at a conference a few years ago she rants on about Vitamin D, amongst other things - up to 6'30 is the relevant bit, but if you like her you can stay online and hear what she has to say about mid-life crises, women's power and the daft things some doctors say - enjoy!