Having difficulty getting pregnant can be a lonely journey and it’s hard to understand why something which should happen so naturally isn’t happening to you. My first consultation with Dee changed everything. She was honest about my lifestyle and helped me pinpoint some things I could do to improve my chances of getting pregnant. I immediately felt like a different person. With her support I put in place a plan to give me the best possible chance to conceive and 6 months later I was pregnant. I know that my little girl wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for her and I feel very, very lucky to have met her.
— Jemma, 39
L-R Fiona, Rachael and Dee with 3 of our little success stories 

L-R Fiona, Rachael and Dee with 3 of our little success stories 

At 44 I had been trying to get pregnant without success for twelve months. I found the Natural Fertility Centre online and after an initial consultation, I decided to try conception coaching, acupuncture and hypnotherapy. I found all the staff I had contact with to be warm and reassuring, as well as realistic about our prospects. I had several acupuncture sessions and a session with the hypnotherapist which was wonderfully relaxing and reassuring, and tailored to our own situation.
I found the conception coaching with Dee extremely helpful and encouraging, and I started to feel more understanding of my body. I had been quite confident about identifying my fertile window, but learned I might have been misjudging it slightly. In the first full month after fertility coaching, and having had acupuncture and hypnotherapy, we discovered we were expecting a baby. I am now forty-five, and 35 weeks pregnant. I’ve had no complications, and feel very well.

I really appreciated that staff at the centre were so encouraging, reassuring and sensitive, but at the same time realistic about our chances in relation to my age, and there was no hint of building up false hopes. I don’t know which part of the treatment contributed most to our success, but I feel the quiet confidence I gained, as well as more relaxation and better practical understanding of fertility all helped. Finally, my husband fully supported me but didn’t attend any sessions with me, as it just wasn’t his thing. I was able to share information with him, and would hope that other women wouldn’t be discouraged if their partner doesn’t want to attend. We both had an open and positive attitude, and feel extremely lucky to have had such a fantastic result. We are looking forward to the next part of the adventure.
— Julia, 45
Meeting Dee early on in our baby-making endeavours was invaluable. As well as offering lots of helpful and practical advice and suggestions, she was open, friendly and honest and as a result, was easy to talk to and to trust. Knowing that we were doing all the ‘right’ things - besides the obvious - gave us the reassurance and the tools we needed and our bump appeared soon after!
— Claire, 34
My husband and I had been trying to conceive for just over 2 years when I heard of Dee’s services and I decided to get in touch with her for some advice. Very soon I was well versed in identifying my optimum ovulation dates, which meant that I was then confident that my husband and I were doing everything we could when we should! Unfortunately there was still no sign of our much longed for pregnancy but Dee refused to give up on me and she became just as determined as I was to get me pregnant! It became clear that our best option for success was likely to be IVF treatment and Dee again provided me with invaluable advice in preparing for what was to be a far more daunting path. She recommended acupuncture alongside my IVF and I had several treatments at the Natural Fertility Centre during the IVF cycle. I am pleased to say that our first attempt at IVF was a success and we had a healthy baby boy. I believe that this success was in the main due to the fact that my husband and I had exhausted all conventional methods before embarking on a more invasive procedure and I was mentally in the right place to begin such a journey. We will always be grateful to Dee for her invaluable support. I am pleased to say that we have subsequently had two more children and on both those occasions we managed a natural pregnancy very quickly.
— Jo, 38
I never thought we’d be able to have a sibling for Catherine - now our family is complete. We’re so grateful for everything you’ve done.
— Natasha, 40
Thanks again for your help. It was very helpful to talk things through with you, Its an incredibly stressful time and it felt like you were on our side!
— Fiona, 42
I was reassured by Dee’s no nonsense common sense approach and found the appointment much less difficult than I expected.
— Dave, 37